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Words from appreciative clients, sponsors, partners, and conference participants...

Quanta Consulting Testimonials

Our consulting services across, globalization, India strategy, and technology:

"The work is good. You've gone beyond the call of duty"  - US Fortune 500 Client on Assistance with India Strategy.

"You tie it all into a sensible, visionary effort to proceed"  - US Green Tech Client on global strategy guidance.

"Best wishes to you and all you are doing for US India relations."  - USC Marshall Partner.

"Thanks for the great job you did on our project"  - Executive at US Telecom Client on India Market Entry.

"Having worked with you on various initiatives, I am very impressed with the professionalism, knowledge and network"  - Executive at Partner Company.


India Trade Conference, Los Angeles

Our Conferences have been quite successful with attendees getting good knowledge, insight, and access to the right resources to meet their global and India objectives.

"We are proud to be one of the sponsors for this amazing opportunity working with the Indian community. It is a good partnership, great learning opportunity of the culture, the people, the language and business. Thank you for all the hard work." – Southern California Edison, Sponsor.

"Very impressive--the institutionalizing of a great event. Congratulations on pioneering a great idea well implemented"  -  Associate Dean, USC Marshall School.

"I had a great time, made a lot of great contacts and learned a lot about doing business in India. I thought the presentations and the panels were very informative. I only wish there was more time to go to them all." – Business Attendee.

"I found the quality of the event to be Top Notch. The audience had great interest in the subject, and the panelists really had an outstanding grasp of the topics." – Conference Participant & Panelist.

"India Trade Conference...  I am quite impressed with the energy there. A very well organized conference, if I may say so." – Attendee.

"It was very interesting, enlightening, and informational." – Conference Attendee.

"Congrats on yet another successful conference!!" – USC Marshall, Sponsor.

"You are a wealth of knowledge"  - Partner and Sponsor.

For more information on the India Trade Conference or sponsorship packages, please contact:
Quanta Consulting, Inc:  www.IndiaTradeConference.com   |   itc@quantaco.com

Asian Global Sourcing Conference with ABAOC

Opportunities, strategy and resources in doing business with China, India, the Philippines, South Korea, and Vietnam.

"From the USPS perspective, it was very successful. We were able to have one on one conversations with at least 100 people about our products and services. We felt the event was very well managed and coordinated and found it very valuable. The mixer was a good place to talk to people as well. Congratulations on a great event!!"  – The US Postal Service, Sponsor.

"The event was terrific! GREAT job"  - USC Marshall School of Business

"This conference has the characteristics of a sound and bold move. Congratulations and good luck!"  – Word from Brazil

"Congratulations on a successful event. Enjoyed the information as well as your presentation"  - Attendee, Comerica Bank