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A Sourcing Case

Quanta's experience, and powerful connections in India (and other countries) bring strong value and a global perspective in your decision to outsource. Options may include keeping it in-house, offshore, best-shore, inshore, X-shore or a combination for a custom solution.

The key as always, is oversight, oversight and, yes... oversight. We are positioned to help, with our Ambassador program featuring global executives serving as your virtual agent in India.

Project Steps

  1. Client Business Value Assessment
  2. Goal Setting
  3. First Cut Analysis
  4. Geographical & Suitability Analysis
  5. Full Bore Analysis
  6. Deliverables/Recommendations

Our proven methods enable a discreet and thorough analysis of the economic, political and socio-cultural environments in the US and abroad. We provide stewardship over the entire sourcing process by working closely with your executives to ensure constant communication and control over your organization's processes across the globe.