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Holistic Globalization

Our global research & analysis expertise ensure optimal market sizing and a solid business case you can take to the bank. Quanta's insight and trend assessment enable you to hit the sweet spot of the global & India markets at the right point in time and space. Go Global - Today!

The big picture strategy is always the starting point. Determine if globalization is consistent with your company's long-term strategy. We also work with new ventures to ensure optimal return on investment from a holistic sourcing & markets perspective - leveraging our strong networks in the US and in India.

Highlighted industry focus areas have included the following, but we provide broad sourcing, market sizing and due diligence.

Global Markets

Where in the world would you have the most success in additional revenue generation?
Where can you best leverage your unique selling proposition?
Are there specific risk factors to address?
Is it worth targeting in terms of market size and potential?

Global Sourcing

Practice areas span both goods and services. On the classic services side, our experience indicates that only 20% of projects considered for offshoring should indeed be sent overseas. The other 80% are better accomplished within the company or at lower cost locations in the US. This applies to software/IT and a range of business processes that play an essential role in the regular operations of your business. On the goods areas, we leverage our partners who specialize in specific areas of logistics, supply chain, customs, risk and distribution channels.

Our risk mitigation measures enable optimal options. Our rigorous methodology analyzes the following key issues, and ensures that your expectations are consistently being met:

  • Infrastructure & Operating Costs
  • Quality & Timeliness
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Geographical & Political Environment
  • Intellectual Property & Data Security
  • Customer Perception
  • Financial & Tax Incentives in Target Country
  • Offshore Employee Turnover & Retention

Our Strategic Sourcing Practice enables sound global decisions built on a solid business case. Your ideal solution may be a captive operation, a contract with overseas & domestic vendors, a hybrid model    ...or even kept completely in-house. Quanta Consulting ensures discreet & comprehensive business analyses to ensure the best decisions.

Global Deals

We help craft the optimal mix of investment, strategic partners, and a competent team. Our networks span all these areas and we can enable access to funding for your global growth. Apart from investors, government subsidies & programs go a long way in ensuring success with minimal start up costs. Our partners in the government and public sector can provide additional support.