Practice Area: Energy

Quanta Consulting has a strong focus on renewable energy opportunities and markets. India's rural heartland is significantly underserved and has a presents a clear need for off-the-grid solutions.

Macro projects have gotten a big boost from the Government of India and state governments. Micro products that can be deployed at local levels are a hot topic - with ample funding and investment. Broader investments in cleaner traditional energy generation are a good middle ground for the significant needs of a high growth country like India.

Renewable Energy in India

Cow Wind MillThere is tremendous opportunity in the India market across both traditional energy sources and the newer emphasis on solar, wind, biomass among other new viable technologies. A combination of the old and the new are required in meeting the rapidly growing energy needs in India.

India's ambitious solar energy mission aims to generate 20,000 MW of solar power by 2022, as announced by the Indian Prime Minister. India's National Clean Energy Fund provides financial support for research and innovative projects in clean technologies.

India's energy consumption growth will likely be substantial in the coming decade. Currently, more than 40% of India's households do not have access to electricity. According to the Indian government's Integrated Energy Policy, India needs to sustain an economic growth rate of between 8% and 10% over the next 25 years to eliminate poverty and meet human development goals.

Wind power contributes approximately 70% of India's generation capacity from renewable sources of energy. Hydropower provides 24.4% of India's generation capacity. While the role of hydroelectric power in India does not seem large, it meets the power needs of off-the-grid areas.

Source: Economic Times and Business Insight. Picture courtesy GreenBeat.